The Mathematical Precision of Biblical Hebrew

Reading ancient Jewish texts, one is often bewildered at the seriousness with which Jewish scholars have addressed each word and phrase that appear in the Hebrew Bible. Indeed, this respectful perception of sacred text is a common phenomenon, extending to all individuals of faith, in ancient times as well as at present.

A necessary condition to finding justification for such an attitude towards sacred text is fulfilling of the following basic requirement: That the text is exact, that wordings and phrases do not seem to be randomly selected, that precise meaning is always imparted (even though the latter is not always known due to historic reasons). Sacred text, in other words, has to display characteristics reminiscent of a legal document.

I have always admired the mathematical precision of the Hebrew Bible. In this blog entry, I demonstrate the background for this admiration by detailing four examples of biblical verses, where English translations have lost the original sense of the verse, as well as the unique mathematical precision with which these verses convey ideas and thoughts in the original biblical Hebrew.

These examples are expounded in the linked article below:

Haim Shore_Mathematical Precision of Biblical Hebrew_April 2014

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