Anti-Semitism and “Killing the Messenger”

On October 1892, Asher Tzvi Ginzberg (1856-1927), also known by his pseudonym Achad-Haam, published an article in the Hebrew periodical Hamelitz. The title of the article was: “Half a Comfort” (Chatzi Nechamah). The article was published half a century after the Damascus blood libel, and in it Achad Haam tries to extract a useful lesson from the anti-Semitic blood libel (if one can be extracted at all). He denotes this lesson: Chatzi Nechamah. Achad Haam hoped that his Chatzi Nechamah would help Jews worldwide  to cope with the devastating psychological effects of constant vilification of the Jews as part of the acceptable Anti-Semitic  “General Agreement” (in his words; today’s “General Consensus”).

In the article, linked below, I offer an additional “Half  a Comfort”, to complement that of Achad Haam:

This article may also be downloaded as a PDF file:

Haim Shore_Antisemitism and Killing the Messenger_Oct 2014

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