The Cambrian Explosion (541-518 mya) and Genesis Creation

The Cambrian period, estimated to have occurred between 541 to 485 mya (million years ago), is one of the greatest mysteries of today’s scientific research of the evolution of the universe. The associated “Cambrian Explosion” relates to the explosion in new life forms that had appeared during a short span (within the Cambrian period) of about twenty to twenty-five million years (extremely short compared to first appearance of signs of life on Earth, estimated to be around 3.5 billion years ago). Furthermore, most “Body Plans” that we witness today have made first appearance on Planet Earth during the Cambrian Period. As related in their fascinating presentation, researchers Dr. Stephen Meyer (of the Discovery Institute) and Mr. Marcus Ross (a PhD Candidate at the University of Rohde Island), state that the pervasive patterns of natural history seriously undermine the plausibility of neo-Darwinian theory. The disparity of the major body plans in the Cambrian explosion appear before the diversity of species, in reverse order to what neo-Darwinism predicts.

This lecture is linked below:

Meyer and Ross- The Cambrian Explosion

A fascinating discussion of the current titanic clash between present-day secular religion (“Darwinism”) and the traditional religious religion may be found in the two-part series of Professor Phillip E. Johnson, a law professor of the University of California, Berkeley:

Phillip E Johnson – Darwinism on Trial (Part 1 of 2)

How is the Cambrian Explosion reflected in Genesis creation narrative?

In this post, I use the regression model I have derived to convert events described in Genesis Creation timeline (in “Days”) to current scientific timeline (measured as age, in billions of years), and vice versa. The model appears in my book, in the caption of Figure 22.2. Using this model, we investigate two events, as they are expressed on the corresponding two timelines (using the model to switch between them):

  • The Cambrian period;
  • “Creation” of the human species.

Haim Shore_The Cambrian Explosion and Genesis Creation_Dec 2016


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